Sunday, April 27, 2008

Treat yourself good. . . you’re the best person for the job!

It’s no mystery why I’m one of the happiest guys I know. I’ve spent decades sculpting a lifestyle that when properly honed is best described as joy.

I’ve felt my share of pain and suffering mostly brought on by myself. It never feels good to hate yourself and wish you could change the course of past events. But you can’t. Get over it and yourself.

It’s who you are today that counts. You can’t change the past, but you can change the present and future by what you put in your heart and your mind.

So treat yourself good, whether you deserve it or not. I’m not talking about buying yourself a present. I mean, look in the mirror and tell yourself, you’re OK. Life is good and there is a lot of love in the world. Be a part of it.

Share with the world all the love in your heart. Make people smile. Use your manners. Be nice always to the ones you love. Don’t be petty. Sing out loud, dance spontaneously. Be glad you’re alive and take advantage of it.

nuff said


dconn said...


indeed indeeed

Timmy Jimmy said...

My sentiments exactly!

jimmy talksalot said...

wow, thanks.