Thursday, May 29, 2008

Magic Geek

I've been doing magic since I was a child. It's a phase most boys grow out of by the time they're 9 or 10. Certainly by adolescence the number of teenage tricksters dwindles. I admit it and always have. . . I'm a magic geek. Sometimes alone in a room full of people. Back in the day it was different. I more closely associated who I was, with what I did. I was an insufferable magician never leaving the house without cards and coins. Magic was how I communicated with people to make them like me. Sound familiar? It's funny, I kinda want to say that I don't go out without any tricks; really I don't. . . . but, being a street performer my act lives in my car trunk and any portion of it can be brought out at a moments notice.

Just rambling, rock'en the volcano. Feeling good and thinking about life. Spent a few hours with Sylvester the Jester in Pasadena earlier in the week. Always a pleasure to hang with my old pal Danny. It's so interesting to see where all our various choices have taken us. 20 years ago we lived together and followed our dreams in Cerritos and then in Westminster. Here it is two decades later and were both still following our hearts and our life's work. The older I get, the better listener I become. Danny never fails to impress me with his gifts and curses that make him such a compelling artist. We talked about his act and my lack of one. We discussed our lives, our work, our women. It's crazy, we live in the same city, but never see each other. That's the LA way. He lives in Bellflower I live in N. Hollywood. They call that geographically undesirable, here in these parts. I'm gonna make spending more time with him a priority. Great guy and one of the most creative people I know.


Timmy Jimmy said...

Right on! Spend some time with your friend!
Guess I am a magic geek to now, I always have all kinds of things in my pockets. Guess Bilbo Baggins, or should I say Gollem, would have many things to guess upon eh! :)

Mark said...

I'm guilty, but everyone carries change around with them. . . is it so wrong that my change has been out of circulation for 60 years?!?!?!