Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shawn & Denise Greer Visit to the Magic Castle

My oldest friend and his wife were in town briefly on Friday and all day on Monday. After the girls went to sleep on Friday night, Shawn and I sessioned till 3AM. We spent a good deal of time on tabled shuffle work. Shawn's been working up the Zarrow Shuffle, so we broke out the video camera, shot some footage and reviewed it on the big screen. It's funny, even after almost 3 decades of jamming out on magic with Shawn, it still feels fresh, vital and like were teenagers hanging out in his grandma's basement in Norwood, Ohio.

Last night we dined at the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood. We enjoyed a tasty meal, had a couple of cocktails and took in the evening. Martin Nash was there and we talked to him for a bit. Also there, Jon Armstrong a Castle regular. We chatted mostly about Batman. As it happens were both huge fans of the comic books and very excited about the new movie.

After dinner (by the way, thanks again Shawn & Denise), we took in the show in the Palace of Mystery. On the bill were Rob Zebrecky, Tina Lenart & Arden James. Good show, well balanced and a lot of fun. We wanted to see the Luke Jermay show in the Parlor but got shut out. Pretty good crowd there for a Monday night. Instead we headed down to the magical arts library to visit with Billy Goodwin. We did a card trick round robin where I did this trick. I've been playing with lately. It's an old Harry Lorayne effect from his book Quantum Leaps.

Lisa Cousins showed up. She just moved here from New Mexico to shack up with Billy. They got a place a block away from the Castle. A lot of love in that room, Polly & Me, Shawn & Denise , Billy & Lisa. A fucking spooge fest if you ask me. I got to tell you, love is GREAT and being around people in love. . . at the Magic Castle. . . a real treat. It's nice to have friends.

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markjens said...

Hey brother, if I come down and visit you, will you get all dressed up like that? Lookin' good, my man! We miss you up here in God's country '8(