Sunday, July 20, 2008

Busker du Jour

magician, originally uploaded by pole_aroid.


Brendan, Glasgow, Scotland said...

Tom, this may be of interest to you or your readers
Today's Busker is Todd Various .

I believe Todd worked in the US as a living statue, befriended Gazzo and accompanied Gazzo on his last UK lecture tour (2006?) and obviously got a lot of hours studying Gazzo's C'n'B...
He frequently works Glasgow's Buchanan Street alternating between C'n'B and an escapology straitjacket escape.
MONDAY, JUNE 16, 2008's Busker is Ian Kendall, some will know Ian from his many and diverse contributions to the Genii Forums...


Ian Kendall presents The Golden Age of Magic. Edinburgh Fringe, August 1st - 16th at 9pm. Ian Kendall’s new show harks back to a time before camera tricks and fancy editing. In fact, it goes back to a time before cameras – the Golden Age, as it is known, was a period between 1850 and 1930 when magicians were feted around the world and often treated as the rock stars of the day. Shows would run for months at a time and play to packed houses night after night. Many of the effects and routines from those days survive today, and it is from this rich collection that Ian Kendall draws his inspiration for the show. Mixing historical anecdotes about the origins of the routines with the humour and charm for which he has become known, Ian performs magical effects that would have amazed theatre goers one hundred years ago. Ian Kendall is a Fringe veteran, and can lay claim to be the true spirit of the Fringe. 2008 marks his seventeenth year performing at Edinburgh. He is completely self funded, without producers or promoters, and takes pride in working hard to provide top quality entertainment for the audience. Ian has put on shows in most of the genres of the Fringe, from street performing on the Mound, to schlepping round the many cabaret bars of the mid nineties and over ten years of successful stage shows in main venues. His popularity has been rewarded by a growing band of regular supporters, and he has been awarded the Fringe’s official ‘Sell Out Show’ logo for the last two years. In a festival where the true measure of a show is bums on seats, this goes a long way to recognise why Ian stands out from the crowd. Ian Kendall’s The Golden Age of Magic, Zoo Venues, 1st-16th August at 9pm (50 minutes). Contact Ian Kendall on 07966 155 042 or,, 19.7.08

ryan said...

I heard that Todd learned EVERYTHING from Gazzo from the beginning. Was never a performer or even a magician prio to helping him with his lecture tour.
I also heard he has the biggest EGO IN THE WORLD. Hope he is doing well despite the EGO.