Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Camp Paradise • Week 54

Had a good day today. Worked out this afternoon w/ Aaron, yesterday we trained with Morisio. It's fun getting in shape, who would have thunk. Going to work soon, to display my craft, make people happy and some cash at the same time. Then after a few hours of that sort of fun or frustration (we'll see how the evening unfolds). Probably go back to the gym for another round before going to the Magic Castle to see my pal Aaron Fisher who is working late parlor this week.

I felt like a girl trying on a couple outfits that were a bit snug even a month or so ago. A long way to go, but creating much better habits. Continuing to eat right (for the most part). Never been much of a drinker (some might dispute), so that's not much of an issue.

It's been BEAUTIFUL this week in Hollywood, CA

Palm trees, neon, over the top retail, sports cars you've never seen before, Bently's common.

Bitches. . . off the hook . . . now did I really have to say that . . . .

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