Sunday, August 03, 2008

Aaron Fisher ROCKS the Magic Castle!!

I'm lucky to call him a close friend. I've liked Aaron Fisher since the day I met him and been impressed with his magic and thinking even before we met. I sold my fair share of his excellent treaties on card magic entitled The Paper Engine at my magic shop in Seattle. Last night after work and the gym & I put on my suit and tie and made the short drive through the Hollywood Hills, past the Hollywood Bowl and to the Magic Castle. I was excited to see Aaron work. It was fun to watch him break in some new material and get strong reactions from the packed room. Tight 20 minute set including a nice stand up version of Twisted Sisters, a very original take on the card to wallet, with an even better ending, if you can imagine that. He finished up with a mental mind fuck that fooled everyone.

It was a pleasure seeing Billy Goodwin and Lisa Cousins. I'm feeling a bit more welcome at the Castle these days and enjoying the time that I'm spending there.

After Aaron's show, I went down to see Andrew Goldenhersh in the Close Up Gallery. First time I ever saw him work. I had heard good things, but never seen his act. He did beautiful close up magic, opening with an origami dollar butterfly, that turned into a real one. He also produced a little bunny from his long black hair, kinda freaky. My favorite part of his act was his coin work. Really tight, pretty handling's of both Translocation & Chink a Chink. Strong Magic performed by a nice and interesting cat.

Had a great time, closed the joint and had a mini session in the parking lot.

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dconn said...

sessioning on the beach...indeed

Next time you see Fisher, tell that over-talented fucker I said hi.

I Wish I could be there w/ya'z... God damn, I can just imagine the 'sessions' you guys have

Here's hoping... one day I'll get out your way & join the fun