Friday, August 29, 2008


Hot sun beats down
feral cats seek shade
like under a car
or a bush

Roses bloom year round
in the winter
and in the hottest part of the summer

Camp paradise AC hits the spot
smoke fills the chamber
the magician appears
maybe that’s what I need to wake’em up
a little flash paper

reminds me of a finger tip coin
production from Downs Palm
I used to do with a small piece of flash paper

Homer and Brett had some nice ideas about such things

Where has my passion gone
what am I looking for?

Nothing. . . apparently. . . I seem perfectly content
Is there something wrong with that?

Going on a little adventure this afternoon

I’m going over to a Miss Annabel Gray’s place to photograph the Billy McComb Legacy. It’s up for auction online and there was a last minute issue with pics, so I volunteered. Should be interesting to see the sum collection of an esteemed member of our fraternity.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

love your poetry ... you have more writing skills than you know.
miss you and camp paradise.
love, dad