Thursday, August 14, 2008

Interview du Jour • Harry Blackstone Jr. • Click here

Audio Interview with Harry Blackstone, Jr.

In this 1985 interview, Don Swaim talks with the award-winning magician, Harry Blackstone, Jr. about his first experience on stage at the age of six months, and the relationship between his father and Houdini. Blackstone is the co-author of There’s One Born Every Minute, My Life As A Magician and The Blackstone Book Of Magic and Illusion.

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Emily said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog ( I ask how you found it? I really enjoyed the Etta show---including both of the opening acts. Etta was pretty dirty though, huh? I wasn't expecting that from a 70-year-old woman :)

Also--you might be interested in checking out the blog that my friend and I recently started: on Good eats in L.A based on Johnathan Gold's "99 Essential L.A Restaurants" from L.A Weekly