Thursday, August 28, 2008


Waiting to go to work. Excited, yes. Enthusiastic, yes! Ask me when I'm done how excited I am. I fear the season is over. This week I saw the slowest numbers in recent months. As I've commented in the past, peak season was not what it should or could have been. I play the cards I'm dealt, do the best job I can and if that's not good enough; I go to the gym after work and sweat out my frustration.

Guess, as we shift into another gear at the CityWalk I'll have to slowly add my act back into my act. Through the busiest part of the season, I pitch the decks harder and do things like the cups and rings less.

Yesterday I went to the UCLA Dental College to deal with a broken temporary crown. I have three appointments this week. I've had a mouth full of problems for years and over the last year or so been dealing with it. It's a work in progress, were about halfway through all of the mental anguish and anxiety.

Visited Polly on one of sets of Merry Christmas Josh & Drake yesterday. Strange building in Santa Monica that had been converted into a little studio with a sound stage and a mini back lot. Timing was good, I had just come from the dentist in Westwood. Not too bad getting to Santa Monica in rush hour traffic. Polly had just been wrapped when I showed up, so we went out for Japanese Food. Nice dinner with one of my favorite people. She went to bed early as she had a 6:12AM call in Malibu.

Me, I just do my thing. . . whatever that is. I love my life.

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