Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This and that

Lots going on in LA these days. Everyday an adventure in paradise. Talked to a couple of my kids over the weekend! I wished my youngest son Liam, Happy Birthday as he's turning 7 years old. It was great hearing his voice. I can finally understand everything he says. Growing into a little boy. Of my four kids, he was always the happiest as a baby. Always smiling, always happy. I also talked to Hope who sounded good. I miss my kids and want to see them during their holiday break. Gonna try and make that happen, or at a minimum get something juicy going on my blog. Nothing like some old fashioned conflict to make a story interesting.

Went back to the Hollywood Bowl Wednesday night to see Jamie Cullum perform. Another romantic evening with my sweetie, lips locked. Backed up by the Count Basie Orchestra he delivered a power packed set. He's one of my favorite "new artists", at 29, he's put out four albums that range stylistically from Jazz Standards to a unique blend of jazz, pop, blues and a smidgen of this and that. All I can say is I dig it BIG TIME.

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Pepka said...

Now you went and made me jealous Tom. I LOVE Jamie Cullum. I've missed him every time he swings through the east coast. I'm trying my best to get to L.A. sometime this fall. If I do, we'll have to hit a club or two.