Sunday, September 14, 2008

Creative Arts Primetime Emmys

Here in LA there are two award ceremonies, celebrating the achievements of the fine folks who bring you all of the television programming. There are “The Primetime Emmys” which award the writers, directors and actors and the “Creative Arts Emmys” which celebrate and award the “Below the line” trench workers.

We met Dennis Parker and his partner Paul, at the Nokia Live Theater downtown. Dennis is the Hair Department Head on ABC’s Dirty, Sexy Money and does a great job. He’s an excellent hair dresser and has always been very nice and supportive to Polly. He brought Polly in as his 2nd when the show came to LA to re-shoot parts of the pilot and then got picked up.

HBO's miniseries John Adams and AMC's drama series Mad Men were the big hits at Saturday night's Creative Arts Primetime Emmys in Los Angeles. John Adams earned eight awards, the most for the evening, while Mad Men took home four, including awards for hairstyling, art direction, cinematography, and main title design

After the lengthy awards ceremony we walked across the street to the convention center where the dinner party was getting underway. The room was dressed beautifully with hundreds of round 10 top tables, hanging chandeliers, hot and cold running women and plenty of good food and booze. Polly looked absolutely stunning in her new dress and I put on my tux for the first time in a few years. We got all dressed up and for the most part fooled everyone into thinking we were real grown ups, not the fake ones you see on TV.

It was a lovely evening that ended with a glass of scotch and a cigar. I wish Dennis, Polly and their department would have won for the standout hair design on the nominated episode, but as everyone always says “It’s just nice to be nominated”.

The new TV season is upon us and we’ll just have to tune into out favorite shows and see how they do. Endless hours of work create these shows for our entertainment. For all those in the television and film industry, I say. . . “Keep making the magic!”

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Mary said...

And it is an honor just to know someone who is nominated! Polly, you're the greatest!!

Timmy Jimmy said...

Looking good!
Great pic, out on Prom Night!