Friday, September 05, 2008

Pics from Pollywood

A few nights go we attended a nominee party. If you didn't know, my girl Polly was nominated for an Emmy (for her work on ABC's hit show Dirty, Sexy, Money starring Peter Krausse, Donald Sutherland & Jill Clayborn). It was a lovely affair, serving among other things and endless stream of Cosmopolitans. Hair and Make-Up Artists from the Local 706 all excited about their nominations and looking fabulous. The party was at the Academy in NOHO (North Hollywood. . . minutes from where we live).

Industry chit chat about the benefits of "day checking" over the grueling 80 hour (5 day) week of episodic shooting. I love being in the middle of all this. They get to do all the hard work and I just get to show up when I want and eat good catering and see how TV shows are made. After schmooze/cocktail hour there was a short ceremony where certificates were presented to the nominees.

I love Polly so much. . . I wish I had words. She just finished up 5 weeks on "Merry Christmas Drake & Josh" for Nickelodeon and with barely a break is getting put back into heavy rotation day checking on "Big Love". She's off today so that means lots of hugging and kissing. What have I got to complain bout?


Mary said...

GO POLLY!! What a STAR!!!

Tom, you got lucky with this one. I know you know it. Please make sure she does!!

And give her our congrats and our love!!

Oh, and you too!

Mary & Bill (& James, in Indiana)

Anonymous said...

Where has Tom Frank gone?