Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Pulled Calf Muscle, Gastrocnemius Strain

Fucked my shit up a week ago. Playing basketball, I pull a muscle. Felt like someone popped me in the calf with a baseball. Put me on the floor immediately. Morisio told me to walk it off as I limped to the showers. Tried to swim some laps to work it out, wasn't happening. Blew off work that night, couldn't stand the thought of standing a few hours at the CityWalk. Skipped next two days at gym.

Been getting it back in shape at the gym, postponed all training sessions till next week. Did pretty good today, still not 100% but feeling a lot better than it did.


salope62 said...

You need to give it a rest from any workouts whatsoever... i recently had a similar problem, and my trainer has me 100% off of lower body work for one whole week, and that's from a small inflamation, not a muscle pull. Do abs, arms, back, chest ... leave your legs alone. If you keep pushing it, you may find yourself disabled for several months.... Just my 2 cents worth.

Mary said...

I'd agree -

Tolerate only what you can do with out pain - and then ice the hell out of it after any type of work out.

You've got flat feet so don't fuck with this sort of thing.

Also, you may want to take aleve, advil or aspirin every evening to help it heal.

take care of yourself.

Timmy Jimmy said...

Two things, you are too short to play basketball. And too old!
But I love ya anyway! Get well, don't forget the Ice!

MrGold said...

This might also help relieve the pulled muscle(also known as muscle strain) on the glute http://www.webanswers.com/health/exercise-fitness/may-be-a-possible-pulled-muscle-in-the-back-of-my-leg-40676e