Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tuesday Night at the Castle

Last night another mediocre night at work. Low park (Universal Studios) traffic means an early night. I was done by 7:30. Went home to tuck Polly in. She's had 5AM or earlier call times all week. Got her off comfortably to sleepland, then put on a suit and tie and headed out the door to the magic castle.

Incidentally, in the lower left this picture, you can see what the Magic Castle looked like around the time that Charlie Chaplin was hitting it big in Hollywood. It was a grand Victorian private residence back then. I arrived with a lit cigar, had my car parked and headed in. Chatted briefly with an old friend Johnny Ace Palmer in the foyer before heading upstairs to meet Aaron Fisher . I had just missed the 9:30 Parlor but caught Aaron as he came out. We hung out at the bar as I broke out a new deck of Tally-Ho Fan Backs.

We caught Francis Menotti's act at 10:30 in the Parlor. Nice 20 minute act. Fresh, original and entertaining. Nice chops too. Afterwords I joined Aaron and a special group people who requested that Aaron put on a little command performance.

It was a delightful display of new card tricks that Aaron has been thinking about and working on. Aaron and I spend a good deal of time together and it's always interesting to see how tricks that we talk about at the gym, become a reality in Aaron's capable hands.

Another memorable evening at the Magic Castle. Had a bite to eat, chilled at the bar, relaxed and enjoyed myself. Was home by midnight and in bed by 2AM. That's my story. . . and I'm sticking to it.


Anonymous said...

Any idea where I can get post cards like the Bernheimer pic you posted - I'm collecting old Magic Castle/Yamashiro post cards?

Anonymous said...

Hedonism defined by Tom P.
New body and maybe a new mind is next. be well, dad