Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wednesday Afternoon Session @ Dean Dill's Barber Shop

The day started with a kiss on my lips. I moved my leg which, among other parts of my body, stiffened while I slept. A pain shot through my calf and my face grimaced. Oy. It’s been a week since my injury and over the last few days has turned black, blue, purple and yellow. While it’s feeling better, it’s looking worse. Decided to skip the gym again, yesterday and today to let it heal.

Today will be a domestic day, do some housework, some writing, reading and later this evening back to work. The week has been slow and the money, hard to earn.

Yesterday, I met Dan the Man (Sylvester the Jester) at Dean Dill’s Shoppe in Glendale. We were the first one’s there, and started our session across the street sitting on the curb in the shade. I had brought my box of goodies from the Billy McComb Auction to share with Danny and the rest of the gang. Dan seemed impressed with the two Albo Books I bought. Great reference books which I got at a great price. Bid on all the available volumes, but only got two. Also brought the smoking tricks lot and reel lot I bought, including the thorton reel.

It wasn’t long before Dean showed up and the rest of the gang followed shortly. R. Paul Wilson (visiting from Scotland) arrived with his friend Howard (from London). Other session visitors included Pete Biro, Mike King (producer, director, editor & magician), Sylvester the Jester, Mike Skilton and maybe a couple other fellows whose names escape me.

Always a pleasure to hang at LA’s best weekly magic session. Not sure why it’s taken me months to return, I should really make this a weekly event. Had a nice discussion with R. Paul Wilson about the SWE Shift and the Spread Pass. I love hanging out with magicians and talking tricks. It’s fun and makes one feel a part of a community. Dean pulled out a bigger trick to brainstorm, it’s a cool trick that Howie Shawrtzman used to sell, it’s a mirror penetration where you create the illusion that you can pass solid objects through the mirror. He demonstrated by pushing sponge balls, a silk and even a small flashlight through the mirror.

It was an entertaining afternoon at Dean Dill’s. I left at 3:30 pm to beat rush hour. Got home at 4 and headed to work by 5 pm. It’s quite a life I lead. What can I say. . . I’m a happy guy.

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