Friday, October 10, 2008

In my "In Box"

heard about you

I moved to seattle about 4 months ago. being a magician for the last 23 years, i wanted to check out the scene. your name has come up more than a few times. i've read your blog spot, watched several of your videos, i'm a fan. i just wanted to send you a hello, and a thank you for being as spirited as you seem to be to me. i love your presentation of the linking rings.i have heard stories from other people such as tony comito about the famous "back room magic" down in pioneer square. i think that is just awesome. i've done some work around the area a few times so far, but am looking to break into the scene on a larger scale. i hope to hear back from you.

*The Magic of Gauge*

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Timmy Jimmy said...

Tom, send Guage my email.