Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Getting my groove back

Feeling the music, making my body move
deep groove
A thick and funky bass line
sax takes over leading in a new direction
bass compliments and buys her a drink

slipping off a barstool
and I haven’t even left home yet.

hands feeling good
cigar clutched between my teeth
a new deck of cards
slippers on my feet

coins between my fingers
rings on my toes
palm trees swaying
a winter rose

getting my groove back
need to move on
need to get on with this life of mine
need to sing a new song

Hammond B-3 Organ cutting off a slice
escalating tempos
as people dance feverishly
feeling the life that pumps through their veins
dealing with feelings, confronting pain

New Years Eve in San Francisco
The girl I love on my arm
getting ready
for the best is yet to come

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