Saturday, November 15, 2008

Magic Castle

Thursday night I met Danny Sylvester at the Castle around 10PM. Always fun to spend time with him. Someone asked him to do "The Sylvester Pitch" and I watched as he launched into his whole routine complete with jumbo coins and big nut ending. The guys eyes were bugging out! It brought me a lot of joy to watch Danny work. His coin work is unique, fresh and on a good day not only angle-proof, but pert near undetectable. Then he pulled his tongue down to his belly button before his eyes bugged out huge, then instantly went back to normal. The man of a million gadgets, all on his person. Nutty to say the least. I met Dan 27 years ago and we've been good friends ever since. The two years that we spent as roommates 20 years ago, was a time to cherish and remember. All the fun we had, great times really.

Another old friend was there Chris Korn, I've know him since he was 15. He told me that Doc Eason was around. Todd Karr in the house. After a bit we all met down in the Library to see what Billy Goodwin was up to. Tony Picasso was there as well.

Billy, Doc, Chris, Todd & I stepped out for a smoke. Nice to chat with Todd. I met him as I was opening Seattle Magic, and he was moving down here. He's a gifted writer with an ambitious scope and offers the magic world the only post graduate course in magic, (I'm talking about every book he writes).

Hung out, had some fun, saw some friends. . . a bit of magic and handing the valet gut my ticket to get my car and I'm off, back on the freeway heading home.


The Magic Utopian said...
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The Magic Utopian said...

Todd Karr is a well respected magician in Magic Utopia. We agree with your words about his works. Hope he's doing well. We like your stories of the Castle.