Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving has always been a tough holiday for be, not always, but for the last 23 years I've morned the death of my little sister Margie who was killed in a car crash on Nov. 24, 1985. Life's funny, I've known Polly since those days, we used to live walking distance from each other as teenagers. Anyways, she was there for me when I needed a friend. . . and still is. I decided something this year, I'm finally done mourning the death of my sister, and mourning the deaths of my marriages as well. The holidays don't need to be the source of any bad feelings. I've been so caught up inside my own pain for years, that I forgot that I was worthy of happiness. I am worthy of happiness and for that I am thankful.

We all want to be the stars of our own drama, but there's a much bigger picture out there for us. We're all plugged into the matrix, just trying to contribute as best we can to make the world a better place.

I am thankful that Polly is in my life. Just when you think it's over, love can just slap ya right in the chops. We take good care of each other. Two and a half years together and not one single argument, that's got to be some sort of record. Her lips taste and feel just as good as they did in high school. I'm nutty about this chick, what can I say.

I'm thankful that my kids are healthy and happy.

I've dealt with my fair share of ups and downs. I made two lifetimes worth of mistakes, and three times worth of adventures. I've got stories, and If I could just get them out of my head. . . I think it might just be fun and interesting.

Memories of happy times, more, less pleasant. . . all a apart of the fabric of my life. The people I've been lucky enough know, and even the ones I was not so lucky to know, they all had their parts.

Tomorrow Polly and I and the two kittens, Charlotte and Sparky will celebrate Thanksgiving here at home and there will be nothing but love, good food and good vibes.

Peace out

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Nikki said...

I'm glad you are able to move on. That's something I don't know if I will ever truly be able to do. I'm not sure how I mourn someone I don't remember, maybe it's the lack of memory that I mourn. Hopefully, one day I will move on, but somehow, as the years pass, I mourn more. I think part of it is guilt that I lived longer than she did.
I hope you and Polly (and the kittens) had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Love ya!