Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Good luck to me

He watched the world change around him
and he asked himself
What did I contribute?
What did I learn?

Turmoil plagued the planet
and uncivilized worlds ruled

easy for me to say
as I sip my cocktail

what can I say
you are who you are

or I am, who I am

It’s hard to tell the difference
when nothing is real
and everything is fake

even the brick walls and fire hydrants
this town takes the cake in fake

and what do you make
when the cake is fake
who’s on the take
and who’s gonna be late

I bought a blue hippopotamus
and took it to the lake

who would have known
bartender. . . fake

camera pans a playground
zooms in on a child
on a tiger
on a large old rusty spring
back and forth
the child sways

in each movement
a smile
and in each smile
an untold world

strange how innocence seems
I’m not sure I was ever innocent

winter marks the death in the cycle
and winter is here
even in paradise
there is a chill to the air

but to be fair
If I had more hair
I might be warmer

I’m a dinosaur
a dying breed
a relic
in danger
of ceasing to serve a function

whatever. . .

the sound my drink makes as I bring it to my lips
ice, swishing against the side of a monogramed rocks glass from my 2nd marriage.
tomorrow is another day
another opportunity to get it right.

Good luck to me.

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