Saturday, December 06, 2008

In my "In Box"

Tonight I received many calls regarding Street performers, most
performers were moving to different areas withought permission.

If you see an open performance area, you must call hilltop to get in
contact with the on site coordinator and ask for permission to move.
If you move locations withought permission you will be asked to leave

I looked at the check in sheet at hilltop and many performers have
signed in and out at the same time.
Going forward, if the street performer coordinator notices you have
signed in and out, you will be asked to leave.
You need to sign out at the end of your set.

Tonight has been extremely un proffesional, I have been trying to run
special events on citywalk and at the same time being constantly
interrupted with unacceptable behavior.

Performers have also left citywalk early withought calling my office
Going forward, If you arrive late, cancel, replace yourself or plan to
leave early, you must follow these procedures:

1) Call hilltop operations to notify them of any changes
2) You must also leave a message on my office phone

The following groups may not return to citywalk till we speak.
* SAMA, call the office on Monday.
* Geo Clay, Call the office on Monday.
* ZIP, You must call the office on Monday

* Tom Frank, ( we already spoke, you are fine to return. )
*Kelsey ( we already spoke, you are fine to return. )

All of these steps are designed to ensure that we - CityWalk
Entertainment and the Street Performers - are doing everything we can to
run the street performer program smoothly, and that everyone has a fair
chance to perform up here.( please respond when you receive this email
to make sure everyone understands the procedures )
Thank you

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