Thursday, December 04, 2008

Over the hill? I think not

Life is real, so you better get with it. Bullshit, I believe that about as much as getting a real job.

Filling out my passport application. My last one expired in February. I got the last one for a trip to China, coincidentally that’s why I need this one. I have an opportunity to work a month in Beijing. Who knows if it will actually happen, but best to be optimistic and prepared. One show a night 6 nights a week and discuss putting a magic shop in club as well. I’m up for the gig and will rock the mother fucking room.

I am a lean mean entertaining machine. One nice thing about performing at the CityWalk every night is, my chops are on fire. Along with a new found and heightened physical presence (from working out daily), coupled with tricks that I perform nightly, strong familiarity with the routines and comfortable performing in temperatures that range from 50 degrees (the coin roll out to the star with Morgan silver dollars in 50 degree chill, no easy feat) to 100 degrees. I see it all every day. Perfect beautiful sunsets that sweep the west coast. The other night it was cold and foggy, the marine layer rolled in and mangled my deck of cards in short order. Another overcast day here in LA (there aren’t that many). Reminds me of my time in Seattle. It was like this most of the years. No rain though, just a big gray sky. Chilly 65 degrees, but still in shorts here at home. Will bundle up for what I can anticipate to be another weak night at work. Can’t believe that I’m in 32” waist pants these days. Wasn’t all that long ago, that my 38”s were getting snug. Feeling fucking GREAT. I could conquer THE WORLD. I might not make any money doing it. . . but I could do it!

Polly loves to cook winter meals. In the last week or so we’ve enjoyed Beef Stew, Chili and last night was Chicken Gumbo with hot,spicy, cajun sausage. My woman can throw down in the kitchen, let me tell you. We eat healthy and very good. Protein ROCKS! Never thought I hear myself say that!?

Got a call from Gay Blackstone yesterday about some TV show, was looking for a street magician. Aye Jaye had recommended me, telling her that I was the best of the best (how flattering). Unfortunately they were looking for someone with 40 years of experience, but was 25. I forwarded her a few video clips of my work and thanked her for her time. Bummer. . . too old at 43. I can dig it, I’m a big boy. . . This is Hollywood. I understand.


Anonymous said...

Dang dude!
You really 43?

Tom said...

and in better shape than I have ever been in my life. . .