Monday, December 01, 2008

Responses to my last post from The Magic Cafe Forum

This is very interesting Tom.

I have been through a few Hero's Journey's myself, as we all have. My journey from when I started in the late 70's to where I am now is what I am talking about. One of the biggest changes is my motives for performing.

I too have wondered if I can incorporate an ARC into my performance. And I believe that it may be too much to do in a short period of time. I mean, most people ARE IN THEIR DAILY ORDEAL, and to interupt that for a quick relief, than I feel we have fullfulled our calling to disengage 'hero's' from their quest to even provide fuel for their journey.

It's almost like we are in the 'mentor' role...or if we are not, maybe we could be. Providing insite into THE SPECIAL WORLD.

I appreciate your desire to extend this to passers by...but maybe in a different venue? Or, maybe we could develope mini-performances for different stages of the Hero's Journey. But wouldn't that leave people with incomplete an independent film that you leave from wondering what happened to the main character vs. a complete circle where you know what happened to the main character that happens in most Hollywood films.

I believe US/WE/YOU/ME are IN EVERYONES JOURNEY as a MENTOR figure to guide and provide insite...not just skill and light comedy. Or, maybe, that is just my call.

But I do believe we can do that by TRIGGERING that which resides in the human heart...that eternal desire set in our hearts is being tapped into every day one way or another. If I tap into it and give it some form of LIFE than I fulfilled my motive for performing. That form of LIFE can be expressed in many ways...even through the many tricks that fill the books on our shelves.

So I am getting into this with you as a experiment. I would love to explore what you are talking about. Maybe I hit on with what you are talking about, maybe I added/subtracted from it. But I would like to do the same thing you are inquiring about.


-Scott M


Hi Tom, greetings.
This is a tricky one. I think `Magic' as it is presented today, by most `Magician'; is viewed by the audience as `clever trickery',.. when it's done well. Therefore, this Character of a `Magician' is what?,... a clever trickster.

Guys working as Gamblers,.. or Con-men (Harry Anderson), have more believiblity in there character; therefore they can "go places" with stories. This `Believiblity' is the key.

On the other hand, Variety Acts,.. physical variety act, often DO have a tension bow. "Will they accomplish it?!?" The audience sees the challenge, understands it,.. and with luck; wants to know the outcome.

So, how do we achieve this with Magic? I try to incorporate Magic with other Art Forms. When the people watch me, they are attracted by Music and Dance,... the Magic happens within this package. Therefore the emotions are carried by another horse. For me,.. it works.


p.s.: You mentioned `the distractions'. This is probably the biggest challenge for Sidewalk Workers,.. getting the audience in a quiet, peaceful,.. safe moment. I beleive this is the biggest benefit of keeping the Circle size smaller. A `tight', closed circle, yes. But not too big. A `homey' feeling can be very stimulating,... for BOTH sides of the table.

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