Saturday, August 09, 2008

What's NEW in Pollywood!!

Polly is getting another Department Head credit! For the last two (out of 5) weeks she has been working on "Merry Christmas Drake & Josh" a Nickelodeon movie of the week. What's neat is, a month ago, we saw a move called "The Wackness" staring Ben Kingsley and Josh Peck. . . the same Josh from Drake and Josh. This kid is great actor and held his own through half a dramatic movie sharing scenes with Ben Kingsley!

I visited Polly at work, last week for lunch. They were shooting exteriors in Encino. Nestled at the top of a hill, high dollar properties, looking good.

Friday night frustration

The heat of the valley gives way to the cool ocean breeze as I crest the hill, heading towards Santa Monica. Not on the schedule this weekend at the City Walk, I decide to give Westwood (by UCLA) a look. At 5:30 on a Friday night it looked a bit scarce. I imagined what it might look like at 8 or 9PM, but wasn't overly optimistic with regard to the demographics. So I headed to Santa Monica's 3rd Street Promenade. I found a spot and set up to work. 15 minutes in and having trouble drawing a crowd. Relaxed, got it together, made a hundred bucks and it was time to move (Rule: all acts rotate every 2 hours. . . on the even hour. . . . 80 feet from where you just performed, 40 feet from the nearest performer). Fucking Shit! Got shut out on an 8-10 slot. Acts lined up and down the place, I called it a night, had no choice, wasn't gonna hang out for 2 hours to work a 10-12PM. Thought about heading back to Westwood or Hollywood & Highland; but once on the freaking 405 (which was a total mess at 8:30 on a Friday Night), I decided to blow it off and head home. Glad I'm on the schedule next weekend in my normal spot. Makes it a lot easier.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Another Great Day

Spent the day sessioning on the beach in Malibu with Aaron and Andi Gladwin. Pleasant discussions about the pasteboard's, examining the thought process of some of our favorite moves. It was a picture perfect day in Paradise Cove, Malibu, California. Andi, his girlfriend and another couple visiting from England. We all hung out on the beach, went in the ocean and enjoyed the afternoon after a couple hours of fun in the sun, we enjoyed a nice meal at the Paradise Cove Cafe.

On the way back Aaron and I stopped at a State Park in Topanga Canyon. We continued talking about magic, working out, comedy, pres-how exercises and just shooting the shit.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Video du Jour • Aaron Fisher • Gravity Half Pass

Germain the Wizard • Click pic to enlarge

Aaron Fisher ROCKS the Magic Castle!!

I'm lucky to call him a close friend. I've liked Aaron Fisher since the day I met him and been impressed with his magic and thinking even before we met. I sold my fair share of his excellent treaties on card magic entitled The Paper Engine at my magic shop in Seattle. Last night after work and the gym & I put on my suit and tie and made the short drive through the Hollywood Hills, past the Hollywood Bowl and to the Magic Castle. I was excited to see Aaron work. It was fun to watch him break in some new material and get strong reactions from the packed room. Tight 20 minute set including a nice stand up version of Twisted Sisters, a very original take on the card to wallet, with an even better ending, if you can imagine that. He finished up with a mental mind fuck that fooled everyone.

It was a pleasure seeing Billy Goodwin and Lisa Cousins. I'm feeling a bit more welcome at the Castle these days and enjoying the time that I'm spending there.

After Aaron's show, I went down to see Andrew Goldenhersh in the Close Up Gallery. First time I ever saw him work. I had heard good things, but never seen his act. He did beautiful close up magic, opening with an origami dollar butterfly, that turned into a real one. He also produced a little bunny from his long black hair, kinda freaky. My favorite part of his act was his coin work. Really tight, pretty handling's of both Translocation & Chink a Chink. Strong Magic performed by a nice and interesting cat.

Had a great time, closed the joint and had a mini session in the parking lot.