Saturday, January 03, 2009

Heather Wood and Dashiell

Danced like a freak
had plenty to eat. . . and drink
and to think
it was New Years Eve

That afternoon Polly and I drove over the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin County. We were going to have lunch with an old friend. Someone who I had not seen or talked to in 22 years. She got in touch with me a few months back. Her name is Heather Wood and back in the day she was with my old partner in crime "Kirk". They had a son (in Cincinnati), his name is Dashiell and he came to lunch with us. It was great seeing them and catching up on over two decades of adventures. Dashiell a fine young man, impressively mature and together for a 22 year old. We met them at the motorcycle dealership that Heather and her husband own. We went to a deli for lunch and shot the shit. Ahhhhh the crazy memories of days gone by. Excess, crime, drugs, busking and period of my life that I will never forget.


It was nice that we didn't spend too much time dwelling on the past. Heather and I have something current in common, were both serious about the gym, Polly and Aaron too for that matter. Everybody getting healthy, in their minds and bodies. It's a good life.

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salope62 said...

Oh my, I never realized me and Dash looked so much alike! A very nice photo of a wonderful reunion. Tom, I've missed you so very much over the years - this was a wonderful way to reconnect. Dash needs these connections... Think about what he cannot/does not know... He needs to get to the Magic Castle..

Love to you AND Polly (what a lovely woman, would like to know her better!) -- Heather