Saturday, January 10, 2009

Recently sold on Ebay • Houdini Poster

Houdini "Buried Alive"

(Otis Litho, 1926)

Eight Sheet (106" X 81")

This stunt was “planned” to be performed by Houdini in his 1926 tour in the United States!

This generously sized ORIGINAL 1926 Vintage Poster is absolutely STUNNING!

The legendary illusionist Harry Houdini managed one final feat, escaping death by shrouding his life in myth. Even as he worked to demystify magic and expose frauds who claimed supernatural gifts, his life followed an ominous path that only contributed to his legend.

His death by peritonitis occurred on Halloween of 1926 in Detroit, where he was preparing to perform a stunt in which he would be buried alive (the stunt featured). He intended for the escape to top that of another magician who had angered Houdini by boasting that he had summoned a supernatural trance to survive and liberate himself.

This eight sheet promotes the feat and Houdini's revenge on the "Egyptian fakirs." Historians doubt if he ever had a chance to attempt the trick; when he died, the casket to be used in the performance was instead used to carry his body back to New York.

The gorgeous stone litho poster shows very little wear. It is excellent condition and has been completely and professionally restored. This poster is magnificent for many reasons, including the fact that is touts an appearance Houdini never lived long enough to make! Collectors will surely jump at the chance to own a piece of well-preserved history.

Very Fine on Linen.

Sold for $12,500

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