Saturday, March 07, 2009

In my "In Box" • Reeks of SCAM

Hello Tom,

Thank you for your application! My name is Peter Dreyfus, Casting Director for Talent Watchers. As an independent production company, we have the opportunity to interview a large number of people. My job is to narrow down the applicant pool to a select few who I feel have potential for success.

You seem to be really comfortable in front of the camera and you have the look I am interested in for this production?That is why I would like to accept you in our talent roaster.

I also have some other roles in my mind for you. I will work on them and let you know how it goes.

I should try to arrange your appointment sometime soon since video production will be starting within the next two weeks. I would like to make the arrangements right now.

Because we need to make sure you are committed to us and you do not change your mind during the casting process, we want you to be in an official database. As you are probably aware, that is a standard in the industry. We work with ?Talent Watchers? and we trust them because they are a well known name in the industry. is also a part of extras and models limited company.

Please upgrade your profile at and upload any updated photos of yourself right away so I can get your information off to the producer ASAP.

Please let me know if you have questions at this time.


Peter Dreyfus
Casting Director

PS. If you are already a Talent Watchers member please reply with the URL and make sure you check your email very often.


My Response


Not interested in paying to maybe get work, but very interested in working. Get me a gig, and I'm happy to pay you a commission.


Tom Frank


david dureault said...

To the letter well except my name was inserted. I wondered how he could tell I was comfortable in front of a camera, when I submitted no picture.

John said...

scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scaaaaammmm wonderful scam!!!!!

Simona said...

First, Talent Watchers is not a Talent Agency. This is a talent directory. Of course, some casting agents are advertising this service. I already had 3 auditions since I registered with them. They are legit.

Anonymous said...

I work with Talent Watchers team. The head office is in Canada, this company is real, we are 20 people working there and many other can confirm that. Talent Watchers is a very serious and well managed business. They are not a scam, this is for sure. They do not charge any hidden fees and the price of the membership is the lowest in the industry.

I am really upset to see those comments.
We already posted in our article section one article where we explain about some “competitors” or scammers or who knows who they are, acting as “fake” Talent Watchers agents.

I give them warnings but I do not know what to do in order to stop them.
Our clients are aware of that and I always keep an eye on this issue.

You can always contact us and we can explain you if there are issues.

Thanks for highlighting this issue.

PS. Please read another “fake” agent email. See, they send you tour site and then they want you to

How are you?Hope you are fine? I am Heskey(Heskey Modeling Group) an international modeling
agent based in USA with branches in europe.I saw your profile and your pictures.I must
confess i love it.I would like to seek your permission to allow me to use your picture for
a magazine production.. I am asking you this because i need a good picture like yours for
the magazine. please let me know if you are interested in the deal because you stand a
chance of making money from this deal.We have so many client and customers who are ready to
pay for the production of the magazine.And you are going to be paid for it ,At least $500
for a start.
What\'s your Height?
There are some condition attached to it.Pls let me know if you are interested and get back
to me to my private mail box at ( bye and hope to
from you later.Regard
Herick Heskey.

Simona said...

Talent Watchers Rocks! I got my first big role there! I am 100% with them. If youare an actor or model with no edperience this is the way to go.

Sepulvedalover said...

They are a scam. I got lots of emails from them saying casting directors were interested in me, but there never was an actual gig.

On facebook, whenever someone points this out and other problems they have, they delete it. Scam, scam, scam.

They also never responded to my emails, Gee if I was really that "hot" in their eyes you would think they would reply to a simple email.

Vinnie M said...

It's funny bc this one person simona that posted "they rock" and that they got her these so called auditions actually works for them, maybe even manages.

Braeden Klassen said...

Talent Watchers is an extremely UNPROFESSIONAL business that rips those off who don't know any better. I paid them $100 for headshot photos and NEVER received them. They were a waste of time and money. DON'T use Talent Watchers.

Braeden Klassen said...

And yes Simona Marian works for (and seemingly helps manage) Talent Watchers. She is the person I dealt with and the person who has been ignoring my emails asking for my money back. Stay away from her and Talent Watchers.

Unknown said...

Simona Marian now works at 440 west Hastings, I'm to go in for a photo shoot for a hundred dollars, does anyone know if this is legit?

Tom Frank said...

Do not give them ANY money, you will NEVER see a return on your investment. SCAM!