Thursday, November 12, 2009

HD Video Review 2009

HD Video Review

8/27/09 Paradise Cove Cafe • Malibu, CA

9/17/09 Working the CityWalk Clip

9/21/09 W/Buster at Universal Studios • Stunt Show & Tour

9/22/09 W/ Buster at The Getty Center • Lee Asher 605’s Testimonial Take 1 (audio not great)

9/23/09 Driving around downtown LA at night w/ Buster and Aaron Fisher. I’m driving, Buster shooting.

9/24/09 Zuma Beach w/ Buster and Aaron • 605’s Testimonial Take 2 w/ Aaron

9/25/09 W/ Buster at Denny’s near LAX • I interview my son. I love my boy.

10/2/09 Sparky & Charlotte in the Kitchen (N. Hollywood)

10/7/09 Sparky & Charlotte in the Kitchen

10/8/09 Charlotte in the Kitchen

10/24/09 Moving to Redondo Beach

11/2/09 Polly in Kitchen

11/7/09 Polly in Kitchen making Braised Short Ribs. Swiss Chard w/ Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

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