Thursday, February 26, 2009

In my "In Box"

I have some sad news that I thought all of you should hear. Below is a message from Gazzo.

Sad news. Cellini has just recently suffered a stroke. He his in the hospital. So unfortunately Jim won't be coming to the school of busking in Cardiff. I know this is my first post here for a long time. But what I intend to do is set up somewhat of a charity fund or a hat pass for Jim. Please send donations to this adresse:

So here is Jim's snail mail address. Please send all mail, cards and donations to

Richard Sullivan at

I'm sure Jim would love to here from you all.
Marianne told me that Jim is in pretty bad shape. I could imagine he is in bad shape financially. So anybody out there would like to send some form of donation this would be really appreciated. I'm sure Jim and Marianne would be over the moon with it.


Monday, February 23, 2009


Fingerless gloves
like a heartless chest
shows me
who knows best

twiddley dee
twiddley dumb

fee fi fo fum

Looking into their vacant stares
Like a television
fixes a glare, a glaze. . my mind in a maze
coming through the haze
but not coming out on the other side

Part of me stayed
part of me can’t let go

Part of me wants to rip my guts out
every day
to stop the pain

Life ain’t fair,
so move on

but it’s hard

when there are children

I been through it myself
I know the drill

I saw it happen to my own parents
then it happened to me
divorce can bring out the worst in people
It’s hard to say if I’ve lived through it

People always say, “They will want to know you”, “When they’re 18, you will have a relationship with them”

Just a shame.
I got nothing but love for my kids
and it’s gonna be like this