Saturday, November 14, 2009

In my "Out Box"

I will call Vanessa, if you can assure me that she will not be asking ME for ANY upfront money to be represented.

Can you give me that assurance?


Real agencies don't charge fees. We are a real agency. We take 20% of non-union & print work and 10% of union work.

That's what I wanted to hear.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

HD Video Review 2009

HD Video Review

8/27/09 Paradise Cove Cafe • Malibu, CA

9/17/09 Working the CityWalk Clip

9/21/09 W/Buster at Universal Studios • Stunt Show & Tour

9/22/09 W/ Buster at The Getty Center • Lee Asher 605’s Testimonial Take 1 (audio not great)

9/23/09 Driving around downtown LA at night w/ Buster and Aaron Fisher. I’m driving, Buster shooting.

9/24/09 Zuma Beach w/ Buster and Aaron • 605’s Testimonial Take 2 w/ Aaron

9/25/09 W/ Buster at Denny’s near LAX • I interview my son. I love my boy.

10/2/09 Sparky & Charlotte in the Kitchen (N. Hollywood)

10/7/09 Sparky & Charlotte in the Kitchen

10/8/09 Charlotte in the Kitchen

10/24/09 Moving to Redondo Beach

11/2/09 Polly in Kitchen

11/7/09 Polly in Kitchen making Braised Short Ribs. Swiss Chard w/ Mashed Potatoes & Gravy