Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fuck Me

What the fuck do I know

I know frustration and pain and longing

I know that there are children in this world with my DNA

But I don't know them

I'm tired of trying to call them and not getting to talk to them

I'm tired of sending birthday and Christmas presents and not getting

as much as an acknowledgement

who knows if they got them? I don't.

Communication is a two way street

We live in an age of email, text messaging, skype, web cams and I can't get the time of day

from my own children.

What the fuck did I ever do to deserve this?

I was there when it mattered, now they don't even remember me.

This is the year that I truly let them go

Ball is in their court, if their mother doesn't take it away.

1 comment:

Michael Avraham said...

The key is stay positive, regardless of what happens in the world. With the right attitude, life is very easy and very simple. It is VITAL to be JOYOUS always! and not to become depressed about anything. Thank G-d we DON'T get what we desrve...