Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another day at the office

Street Magician • Tom Frank, originally uploaded by Dai Vernon.


Scotty said...

Snazzy. Are those the nickel plated Phoenix cups? Or maybe the Rings N Things reproductions?

Tom said...

Good eye Scotty! Nickel plated Phoenix, they are! How and where are you these days? How's the family? You on Skype?

Scotty said...

We are great and just moved back to the US... to Baltimore. Denny's shop is here and I'm hoping to run into Bob Sheets.

I'm not on Skype but if you still have the same cell number, I'll call you tomorrow!

Check out the puppets I made this month at: (not an advertisement)

And congrats on working the Castle again. Hope to see you there soon.


Timmy Jimmy said...

This picture shows showmanship! Something i am painstakingly learning! Great shot of my friend Tom amazing an audience!