Sunday, August 08, 2010

One more Saturday night

While the most of the world experiences the hottest summer in recorded history, Los Angeles has been unseasonable cool. Time moves forward and the clock ticks. What can I say, life is a strange adventure. The stakes are high as in life and death and the world is complicated as in right and left.

My heart is like my car. Beat up and held together with duct tape, but gets me everywhere I need to go at 80 miles an hour. Life ain't pretty, but if you can find your purpose and make it work, well then . . . you're ahead of the game.

My purpose has always been the same, "To make the world a better place, one smile at a time"; Increasingly difficult in an age where people are beat down, jaded, done and seen it all. . . what the fuck happened to people where their attention span disappeared. This downfall of human interest has occurred in my life span.

I just keep on doing what I do. Card tricks, coin tricks, cups and balls and the linking rings. I sell trick decks and share the love in my heart.

Polly is my girl, we're good together. Twice divorced, 4 kids that don't talk to me; I got a lot a love to give. Polly gets most of it. Life can be so cruel and so beautiful, simultaneously. . . . . like laughing and crying at the same time.

Death lurks around the corner, unless you're me. . . . and as you all know. . . I am immortal.

You can't kill me

4 years now in LA
what can I say
Am I closer. . . or farther away
whose to say
just pray

stay. . . just a little bit longer

one of these days. . . . .

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Luke R said...

Tom that was an awesome post and touched my heart enough to have to reply. Your right about your observations on people and how they just don't care enough to pay attention anymore.

It was more touching about what you said about your family and children.

I hope they get back in touch with you and do it soon as this life is no fucking test drive. We're speeding through it faster then we know and have to make the most of what we got for we both know that we're going to be DEAD and whole lot longer then are ALIVE!

I never knew my father at all until he died 9 months ago and I learned more about him in the months since his passing then I ever did in my 37 years on this planet! I wish I did something to reach out to him and got to know him because from what I found out, he was an extremely interesting person, As YOU are!

I'll pray for you and your family and hope that your Children get in touch with you soon. I know the love in your heart that you are referring to. I never had that with my father, now I have 3 kids of my own (10 y/o twins that have seen you at Universal Studios and a new baby that is turning 1 year old on Wednesday the 18th - He seen you to but was too young to pay attention - LOL). I am blessed to share that love with all my children everyday and I would not let loose of it for anything in this world.

Gods speed my friend and keep spreading that love 1 smile at a time.