Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Summer's Gone

The summer has come and gone. This is Labor Day Weekend. Looking forward to one last shot before a serious drop. I’m dreading the winter lull. Need to get something together. Line up some projects or dream up some dreams. Time to open another magic shop? Time to manufacture another product? Time to grow up? Naaaaaa

Shot this picture of Redondo Beach, 5 minutes from home. Not bad. Took the day off and didn’t do much. Used the morning the polish up a set of cups and ship them off, also had an order for a set of Tayade Style Balls. All nearly extinct. Also sent back Tim Flynn’s tapes that I failed to edit and give him a DVD of his show so that he can sell after his performances. I’ve had the tapes since March and finally gave up. I had a bunch of issues that I couldn’t deal with like, memory space, audio and color correction issues. Too much for my little brain and the capabilities of iMovie.

The summer was good. Pretty much rocked it out 7 nights week at the Universal CityWalk. Had a new spot for most of the summer. It was trade off spot, I could trade off the LOUD MUSIC for the cold and wind. I got used to working in a wind tunnel, but my audiences always seemed chilly. They came into the park when it was hot, now it’s not and they’re on their way to their car. Whatever, I made money and made people happy. It was good.

Need to set some goals, start watching what I eat and drink again. GET BACK TO THE GYM. Stop eating my feeling.

Show the world all the love in my heart

Peace out


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Timmy Jimmy said...

My brother in magic and my friend.
I was surprised you beat yourself here on your blog about the lack of being able to put together the video.
I was not and am not disappointed in the least. That video stuff is hard work and you have to have all kinds of equipment. Here is what the man said to me when I asked him to make a dvd from the video's. "To make your dvd, I have to put it into final cut and then export it. The file will be to big, so I will then have to go through another program to downscale the file so that it will fit on a dvd."
I don't know what all this means, but please, no worries! None! Zilch! Nada!
I appreciate your impact in my life!