Wednesday, November 03, 2010

In my "In Box"

I saw you at Universal Citywalk about a couple months back and was very impressed... but I felt bad because I couldn't leave you a tip. I was out of cash and all I had was credit cards in my pocket. LOL. I decided to Google "Universal Citywalk Magician" tonight out of curiosity and I came across your blog... VERY good reading. Good for you to pursue adventures that you love! Eventually I'll do the same... I love old time Hollywood and anything Los Angeles related. I'd have no problem quitting my humdrum job with a government contractor up here in Sacramento to move to L.A..... but I have absolutely no showbiz skills whatsoever.... I guess that could be a problem. LOL. Anyway, the next time I'm down at Universal (in a couple months or so) I'll give you a double tip the next time I see you to make up for my lack of a tip last time. LOL! Take care and keep the magic going!


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