Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Another day

Ten ten in the evening and I’ve retired to the smoking lounge. One of the finest sticks in my humidor, now in my hand evenly burning as the smoke flows from my lips. A stiff cocktail on the rocks and a vaporizer bag to my right tells me that the night is all right.

The day started with a late call time for Polly in the morning. Always nice to see my girl in waking hours. She split for work and I farted around for an hour or so before hitting the gym. Did my 15 min. warm up and 30 min. of weights, but decided instead of an hour of cardio, I opted for an hour of yoga instead. Just what the doctor ordered. First time at the new gym taking a free yoga class. Me & 30 cutie petutie asian chicks. . . . not bad. Learned a new one, “Lion’s Breath” while in downward dog, she (the instructor) had us tense every muscle in our faces (of which there are many) I made God awful faces trying to challenge those muscles, then open your mouth up wide, stick out your tongue and expel all negative energy. I liked that one. The woman who taught the class was great, she talked a lot about energy, light and oxygenating joints. Did you know how much tension you carry in your hip joints? After the yoga class I enjoyed the sauna, hot tub, shower and off for lunch w/ Polly at the studio.

I love visiting Polly on set. CSI:Miami rocks! Never a dull moment. Along with CSI:Miami on the Religh Studio’s Lot is Marvel’s latest “Thor” as well as 90210. I always arrive right as Polly breaks for lunch. Lunch was decent, choices were halibut, pork tenderloin, chicken and a pasta bar w/ scallops. Needless to say I overindulged in protein. We took a walk and sat on a fake stoop on their mini back lot. I love to play the game fake or real. Shit that you would swear is real like concrete, you knock on it and guess what. . . fake. . . I love it.

Here is a pic of some poor unfortunate bastard burned beyond recognition, cool huh? It’s so cool to see stuff shot. . . ad nausium. . like watching paint dry, then see it on tv all slick and edited. Cool! This show scores bonus points on creative use of swing sets that are multifunctional.

After lunch I went to Costco to buy fruits, vegetables and other needed items like the big 1.75 Litre bottle of Crown Royal for $31.99 such a deal.

Back home and time to polish up one of the last sets of Phoenix Cups and Balls. Sold this same dude a set last week on ebay and he needed another. I like him.

Talked to my good friend Tim Flynn for an hour on the phone. Good chat about a lot of important stuff.

The complexities of like are mind boggling. Far be it for me as humble a student of life, to begin to think I understand even a portion of the big picture, but I’m trying.

Go figure, while I’m out here in my car, “The smoking lounge” typing on the computer, I get a skype message from my brother in Jerusalem. We video chat for a bit and say goodnight. I have a good feeling about things.

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Zombie Magician, originally uploaded by ExtraLife.