Tuesday, January 04, 2011

In my "In Box" through Facebook


You don't know who I am but I was a friend of your sister Margie's when she was at Walnut Hills. This past summer I spent some time corresponding with your neice Nicole when I saw one of her posts on the WHHS page looking for information regarding her mother. I remembered spending time at your house and how wonderful your mother and sister were, so I was able to provide Nikki with a little bit of insight on the smiling carefree girl that I remembered. Nikki truly enjoyed learning about her mother from a non-family perspective.

Needless to say I am shocked and saddened to just now learn of Nikki's unexpected passing. She wrote so many wonderful things about how close she felt to you and her siblings and also about how excited she was to be coming back to Cincinnati.

Again, I'm truly sorry for your family's loss. I'll keep your mother, Margie and Nikki in my thoughts.


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