Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lunch in 30 minutes. . . so easy, I can do it.


Tasty, filling, healthy and economical. Got to like that!


Luke R said...

OK, so give us the step by step low down on how to prepare it. I want to try this dish myself. Is it Thai or Vietnamese?

Tom said...

1) Dice and brown an onion

2) Cut up and brown two boneless chicken breasts

3) Add one can of Garbonzo Beans (drain fluid first)

4) Add a can of diced tomatoes (Don't drain fluid)

5) Add Thai Curry Sauce

6) Mix in pan

7) Add some spinich

8) Add hot sauce if you like

9) Simmer for 10 min.

10) Eat

11) Simle

12) Fart (the beans will do that to you)

Hope this helps

Luke R said...

Cool. I am going to attempt to make it this week. Looks good, and I need a good reason to fluff my wife under the sheets once and a while.