Tuesday, March 08, 2011

World Magic Seminar 2011 pt. 2

"Well the joint was jumpin'
going 'round and 'round
Hey! Reelin' and a rockin'
what a crazy sound,
well, they never stopped rockin'
til the moon went down."

As I drove from LA to Vegas earlier in the day I asked myself what I would like to see happen. I decided that it would be fun to be the "Session Room". Every convention I've ever been to, there was one room where the party was. Usually good smoke, booze and close up magicians trying to fool one and other. So that was the plan, see who was around and invite them to the room for a cocktail, card tricks and dialog.

First round was Pat Boucard and a buddy of his who lives in Vegas. They stopped up to the room before going out on the town, Pat asked If I would do some magic for his buddy, I did little cards, coins and linking rings, warming up for what might come later. Sadly that would be the only time I would do the rings while I was there. I was getting hungry so I went to dinner w/ Tim, Steve and Terri. Just great being together again talking about our fair art. Later in the wee hours Steve Brooks came up along w/ Andrew Goldenhersh and a pal of his named Jordan a recent transplant from San Fran to LA.

Steve Brooks on the left, Tim Wright on the right. Good guys. Always fun hanging out with them. Steve is the founder of The Magic Cafe (the largest online magic forum, with over 10,000 members). He shared with us the variety of issues that plagues his site and his life. I can't imagine trying to navigate the pot holes in that cyber universe. Trying to keep everyone happy in a world of petty bullshit. . . all I can say is Oy! Although we've only met a few times, I get a very sincere feeling of friendship. It was nice to get to know Steve a bit better, to hear of his background in the Navy on a nuclear sub and his passion for guitar and drumming. You learn somthing new everyday.

Speaking of guitar, Andrew brought his and played a Michael Hedges' tune just beautifully. It was early in the morning and I was having a blast. Steve split around 3AM and Andrew and Jordan stuck around for another two hours. Jordan did some interesting coin tricks and it was fun getting to know him. We talked about our mutual acquaintances in San Francisco.

Andrew, I've know for the last 5 years or so. We worked the Castle together in the Peller Project last year. I enjoy his company, his music and his magic. I'm lucky and blessed to have such an eclectic group of friends.

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