Thursday, March 17, 2011

World Magic Seminar 2011 pt. 5

Where was I, half drunk at the Alligator Bar at The Orleans Casino in Las Vegas on the last night of the conference. I wasn't making any friends with the bar staff as I chain smoked cigars. Actually it didn't look like the bar staff was making any friends either. The cocktail waitresses, even with their big boobies and skimpy outfits didn't look happy at all. In fact they all had that mouth full of cum look.

Anyways, we're doing tricks for the laymen at the bar and for the magic pals around, having a wonderful time Tommee Pickles, Steve Amaden, Tim Flynn, Van Dokkum and a bunch of other questionable characters. Booze flowing, smoke lingering, cards shuffling, coins rolling and laughter; this went on till 2 or 3AM.

A good time was had by all and I thought things were looking sleepy till I ran into Curtis Kam and his buddy Wil on my way to the elevator. The privious day I was putting it out there that the late night jam sessions would be in my room. Curtis asked if there was any action and I assured him that there was.

To most, there is only one thing worse than a cigar smoker. . . and that would be two cigar smokers in a hotel room with windows that wouldn't open. To me, I was in my element and the session began. A poperit of entertainment ensued. Curtis performed some his trademark coinwork to my delight Wil (who had brought his guitar) played a beautiful song impeccably. I don't know what's up with these Hawaiians, but they ooze with talent. I'm so lucky and blessed to have such wonderful adventures in the world of magic and my life. By the way, in the pic above, the camera lens wasn't dirty, that's just what the room looked like as they left after 5AM.

Any one else go? What were your impressions?

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Timmy Jimmy said...

WMS 2011 wasa blast. As usual... the best part for me though was You showing up. It was GREAT spending some time with you, smoking a stogie or two and doing card magic all night (s) long.I am sorry I missed this session, but by the looks of you at 8 am... maybe not. I too am blessed to have found this magicdal art. It is amazing to me the twists and turns lives take. Share the lvoe and joy of magic. It's awesome!