Tuesday, July 18, 2006

In my "In Box"

Dear Mr. Frank,

Last summer, I was in a funk. Infact ... yeah, pretty much a funk. I often would retreat to Seattle over the weekends whenever I could just so perhaps the busy, vivacious ambiance of a lively city would lift my spirits. Even for a little bit. Arts, entertainment, play, creativity, theatre, especially the theatre, parks, Starbucks, the Market ... what have you, as a young person apparitions of a rich, cultured, fun, rythmic beating future surrounded by these elements rests a hope amongst the damded draining uncertanese that tend to kick you in the ass over time.

Well ... one weekend, last summer, I nearly had enough. To be completely honest, I was hard spent. I found myself quiet, and disconnecting ... creativity uninspired, sand in my soul. Pretty much - I was unhappy. In a bad way.

Walking along grey concrete, not really looking around but at the tops of my shoes, I hadn't really noticed exactly what part of town I was skimming through, when I happened to crossed a cobbled brick street when something ... enchanting happened.

I'm stopped, actually invited by what it sounds like a mix of Jimmy Stewart and W.C. Fields timeless mouthpeice to come on in and partake in an opportunity to witness some fantstic and outstanding feats of skill and amazement. I look over just a couple of feet away from me and there standing on the corner of this sidewalk is who seems to me be a Time Peice. Pink and white striped shirt, fair brinmbed white hat and a face that makes liars heros.

Something quick happened, and I giggled. I what? wow. Thats been a while. These cards, whats he doing ... ooooooh ... pretty. The corner of my mouth curves up. I haven't seen this kind of act in a long time, I've kinda missed watching tasty majic-WHAT, THAT COIN WENT UP IN HIS HAND ALL STELLAR! This unique character askes to see my hand... half a second later I smack his back, I'm grining now. I remember how much my brother digged magic, these guys hands are absolutely exquisite with his skill as much as his cheeky banter is. This is the most beautiful, fun, quite enchanting magic and slight of hand I have ever seen in my life. And I've seen quite a bit. My GOD MAN ... shiny, shiny coins in and around and ontop of his fingers ... My head begins thinking about whimsical objects - moons and stars and enchanting things. Did this guy pop out of a vaudvillian picture show from the 1920's? How the hell did I end up here? I'm soo happy to be here ...

Creativity, and vision spill into my brain and heart ... great and unexpected treasures are happening now, great and unexpected treasures are going to happen/ come to pass as well.

What? He's done? I giant smile lifts my face upright to a 190 degree angle. Everyone clapps and hoorays - and I can't help myself. I walk over to the fella and exclaim in refreshing," Thank you soo much ... You've just made my day soo much better, you deserve a big kiss on the cheek!" Muah!

Walking back across the sreet, and glancing back there is this energy and sating joy that just hit the spot scattering with people as they mosey on. I have energy, I have ideas, I have joy in my heart ... I want to start writing about this magic. I feel releived.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for being what you are, working hard as you do to be soo fucking smooth, pressing on to greater acheivements, and simply for being a blessing to me that day.
I needed it more than you'll ever know.


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Anonymous said...

Very Nice!!

Perhaps we should all write a letter like that to someone who randomly brought light and joy into our grimmest days...?

Who would you write yours to?

Sometimes, I don't know. But saying thank you is often the greatest gift we can return with a smile to those who gave it to us.

You deserve it Sir, you certainly do!!

Much love,
A Lifetime Fan