Thursday, August 31, 2006

Cerritos, CA

Back in 1986 after a difficult period of grieving the loss of my little sister Margie, I moved to LA (a bit of back story here. Polly and I were 21 years old, we got close and I had invited her to join me and move to LA with me. She's a smart cookie and decided not to). Anyway, Dan who had lost a little brother also, was instrumental in helping me find the joy in life again.

I moved to Cerritos, CA. A place that no one had heard of until the day after I moved there, a large airplane took out part of a subdivision and was on the cover of Time Magazine the following week.


An Aeromexico DC-9 going down over Cerritos, California after colliding with a Piper Archer. All 64 aboard the DC-9, 3 on the Piper and 15 on the ground were killed. (August 31, 1986)


On a lighter note, Dan was excited to show me the improvements to the Cerritos Library (and the dinosaur inside there). We used to check out many movies from this library and spent many a day in front of the TV watching 2 or 3 movies a day. . . for months we did this!

Busta John & Dan the Man

Danny and Me standing in front of the house that we lived in. It was a nice 4 bedroom house that we shared with Kenny Jones & Tracy Buck. Seems like a lifetime ago.

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