Thursday, August 31, 2006

Omar a new fan & friend

I met Omar the other day. He's the only other magician that I've seen working at the Promenade. He reminded of a phone conversation that we had when I was back in Seattle. He had purchased a set of Phoenix Cups from me and had questions about busking.


He worked the space, then I took over for the 6-8PM slot. He was back yesterday to watch me work. I had some nice sets working with the Chaplin music. Also showed him the "Funny / Not Funny" experiment with the audience. Worked well and strengthened the connection between me and the audience.



Timmy Jimmy said...

how about a closer shot of Omars' busking table please!?

Anonymous said...

Buskers Table: Tray jack or keyboard stand with a simple wood top covered in velvet, felt, or headliner material. You can make one for under $100 with basic tools. Professional and effective.

Timmy Jimmy said...

Yes, of course, I have built several, that is why the interest. I like to see what someone else has constructed...
I like to use a fleece backed suede with a headliner beneath for a little give, wood wrap in oak.