Thursday, August 31, 2006

Steve Spill

You never know who's going to walk up to you after a show. A few days ago Steve Spill (owner of Magicopolis a magic themed entertainment venue in Santa Monica on 4th Street) came up to me and invited me to check out the club.

It was nice of him to give me the full tour, backstage and upstairs as well as the history of his establishment. Cool place and a nice guy. I met him briefly in 1990 at the Brad Reeder Comedy Magic Bash.


At 52 years old, Mr. Spill understands firsthand the pressure of a business with overhead, employees and all the pain and pleasure that can bring.

His application for a liquor license has been approved and the entrance of the club is about to be transformed into a magic bar.

1 comment:

Timmy Jimmy said...

Good, maybe you can get a steady gig there?