Friday, August 11, 2006

The Grove

Yesterday, as we ran some errands; Polly took me to the Farmers Market and The Grove. More high power retail, dining and entertainment. All I can say is WOW. As a former retail guy myself (having owned magic shops and toy stores) I have a special fascination to how malls are laid out and marketed. This place really was charming, laid out like some European town or Disney Land for that matter, complete with the fanciest double decker trolly I have ever seen thats only purpose is to go back and forth a 1/4 mile road snaking from one end of the mall to the other.

I was introduced to a store / product line I had never heard of "The American Girl Doll". Holy shit!! They took over the FAO Schwartz space and pimped it out with an orgy of doll departments that hooks these young girls like heroin to a junkie. They can't get enough. Dolls that look like them. Pick the hair, eyes and skin tone to match your own. Great concept. They sell clothes so that you can dress like your doll. Take your daughter and her doll to the American Girl Doll Cafe, have the doll's hair done at the on site salon or if the doll is in disrepair, take her to the clinic, outfitted to to look like a real doctor's office. Unbelievable.



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