Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Houdini spinning in his grave?


5th June 2006

The nine-piece band, known for wearing jumpsuits and disturbing masks while performing live, holed up in the Harry Houdini Mansion in Laurel Canyon, Calif., with producer Rick Rubin to lay down tracks for the upcoming "Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses)" -- and had a series of, shall we say, unusual experiences while living there.

Rock outfit SLIPKNOT have inadvertently found a unique venue to record their new album in - a haunted house. The group have reconvened after spending the last year pursuing solo projects and while they insist their music is better than ever, they can't say the same for their surroundings. American rockers SLIPKNOT have been recording their new album in a haunted house in Los Angeles. The WAIT AND BLEED band are also living in the spooky property and drummer JOEY JORDISON admits to being shocked by ghostly goings-on there. He says, "The house was built in 1918. It's pretty much a mansion and it's very haunted. "You'll be standing there, getting literally pushed, and look around and there's no-one there who could do that. "My door would open at 9-9.30am for the first two weeks until I put a brick in front of it to stop that happening." "I was doing laundry in the basement and I went into this one room. It felt like something walked through me. It freaked me out. Now I don't go in the f**king basement anymore."


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