Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Big Love Welcomes Polly Lucke!!


Summer vacation is over for my girl. Her clock is set for 4:15AM, she will leave at 5:15AM for a 5:45AM Call Time, North on the 5 out by Magic Mountain. We ran out there yesterday so that she could load in the trailer. I was real happy to meet her boss and friend or as she calls him, "Big Daddy". His name is Scott Williams and he is the Hair Department Head on Big Love. A charismatic man with an infectious smile who offered to show me the set that they will be shooting on.

We took a brief tour of the sound-stage where they shoot. The set is three houses in a subdivision that share a common back yard with a pool. The very same pool and sound-stage that was used for the TV Show Melrose Place. Scott pointed out that it's interesting to look at this backyard. It's easy to allow the attention to detail to fool you. When you see weeds around the trunk of a tree, or dirt or leaves, someone put those there for exactly that effect.

The walls of the houses don't really come off, the rooms are big enough to accommodate all necessary equipment. Ceiling panels can be removed for supplemental lighting wen needed.

Next we went to the adjoining production office. There was a hustle and bustle of of a high school office on enrollment day. It was cool seeing what it looks like from the inner workings. All scripts given out to cast and crew are personally coded for security purposes and must be disposed of properly when updates and rewrites are released.

On the way out we visited the Kraft Service Truck who was also loading in on the day before it's show-time. This whole notion of snacking and catered dining appeals to me greatly. I helped myself to some peanut M&M's and felt like I was getting over on someone.

Back in the Hair and Make-Up Trailer Scott and Polly set up their work stations. On the far end of the trailer were two make -up artists also setting up their stations. Looked like a nice trailer, AC felt good on a hot day. Fridge, Stereo, VHS & DVD Player lots of comforts to make everyone feel relaxed and work hard in what can be a challenging industry.

Thanks Scott for everything, taking such good care of my girl for years. I'm sure you know how much she appreciates your friendship and support. And thanks for the tour.

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