Thursday, August 17, 2006

Violins, have a way of making you feel your heart.

Years ago I used to start out my act with some Charlie Chaplin Music and do 7 minutes silent as an opener.

Things like a rope routine, torn and restored newspaper, the hot dog routine, serpent silk and others made their way in and out of my repertoire. It's fun to work silent. A skill I honed working the Fenix Underground.

Chaplin wrote the music for all of his films. Besides writing the score, he wrote, directed and starred in his films as well. What a genius.


I'm sitting here on the front porch, smoking a big cigar, working on Polly's wi-fi laptop. Listening to a disk titled "The music of the films of Charlie Chaplin". I hear this beautiful passage of music and can picture it, plain as day, exactly what movie and scene it is. At the end of City Lights where she touches his hand. . brings a tear to my eye every-time.

It might be time to bring back music to my act. I think on a crowed street the type of music you play, will determine who ultimately will stay and be predisposed to enjoy the entire performance.

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