Wednesday, September 20, 2006

In my "In Box" • Email from Jose


It's always a learning experience reading your blog. Your insights are inspiring.

Tim and I sessioned last night at Scotty and Gina's apartment. Scotty did Nate Leipzig's, Opener (an ace production) and Tim showed us one of Steve Amaden' self working tricks.

Anyways the reason for this note is.... The tricky wallet is my favorite effect. Here's the ending I've been using.

Tricky Wallet
Patter remains the same until you say, "well 2 out of 3 ain't bad.
After all I did find your card and I found your card."

Then look at the card that you last turned over (supposedly the signed
card) turn over the next card (as if you missed by one card) and say, "Wait a
second... that can't be... that's my lucky card. If that's my card,
what's in the wallet?"

What to you think?

your friend,



Love it!!! Amazing what impact changing even a few words will make. Good work Jose!

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Timmy Jimmy said...

Jose ran that last line by me and I told him, "Tom would say you are now thinking like a magi!"
It is funny how we each put our own personal stamp, or identity on a trick. That is what makes it "yours"!
I love magic!