Wednesday, September 20, 2006

In my "Out Box"

Dear Dad,

Yes, I am here. Just living and enjoying my life. Trying to figure things out a little and dust the gears off in my mind. How are things in Hotlanta? Everybody good? I hope so.

This is where Buster is going to school Grant High School. I look forward to his getting to a point where he can lighten up a bit. He puts on a very good act of not being happy. The one good thing about his new approach is that when he does smile or laughs it brightens up the room even more.

I love my children and think that I'm ready to fully love them in a way that I couldn't while I was still fighting and invested in my own soul searching through the confusion. I have moved forward and feel great about life. Lots of new opportunities to make great things happen.

I'll call you later today and we can catch up.

I miss you and love you


PS Isn't being a father a wonderful thing? Even through the difficult times, I wouldn't trade any of it in for the world. You have seen me through many tough episodes and I will see my children through what ever is thrown their way. Thank you for helping give me the life that I have and enjoy.

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